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Moss?  Black Algae? Lichens?  Your roof is home to a host of organic material, and we have the solution. We are certified, highly trained and experienced Surrey roof cleaning professionals.

Specializing in roof cleaning, New Again is your "Go To" roof soft wash service provider located on the border of Delta and Surrey, BC. Educated by the RCIA, and certified by the UAMCC, we have the knowledge, training and experience to get the job done right. Using a soft wash roof cleaning solution, we can help restore your roof’s appearance, extend it's life, and make it look New Again!


To ensure the safety of your roof, our solution has been approved by the Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association and we won’t use High Pressure which could damage your roof. Our roof cleaning formula will get rid of all organic growth on your roof and we are so sure of our process, that we will give you a signed 5 year warranty! 

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Your home is likely your largest investment. Your roof protects that investment. Would you let an unqualified person handle your investment money?  No?  Would you let an unqualified person handle your roof cleaning? No? Then let us handle your roof. We are highly trained, experienced, and certified, and will take care to ensure that it is cleaned correctly according to building manufacturers specifications. We treat your roof like our own.  When you sign on with New Again, we become your partners.  With our 5 year warranty, we will keep in touch and ensure that you and your roof are kept happy!

OK.  But how much does it cost?

Every roof is different. They are made of different materials (Asphalt Shingle, Tile, Cedar, Metal), they are different pitches (from flat, to medium pitch, to un-walkable) they have different amounts of debris depending on various factors. You can expect to spend to invest approximately 10-15% of the cost to replace your roof in a professional soft wash. 

Our premium roof cleaning service comes our 5 year warranty, free inspection after 1 year, and a partner for the next 5 years.



We use only Roofing Manufacturers  approved roof cleaning solutions, as well as specialized roof cleaning equipment designed to clean your roof while keeping it safe from damage.  The Roofing Manufacturers Association cautions against using high pressure on your roof.

Our proprietary roof cleaning solution kills Moss, Lichen, Gloeocapsa Magma (blue-green algae) Colonies and Algae...instantly. Our custom mixed cleaning solution is not available at your local hardware store. It is specifically formulated for professional use. Our solution is designed to clean your roof quickly, safely and without any damage. It is safe for asphalt shingles, tile, stone and commercial membrane roofing materials. It is environmentally friendly, bio degrading to only salt, water and oxygen. Our system is designed to put the minimum amount of product on to be effective.

We take every precaution necessary to protect your plants and the exterior of your home. Unlike most of our "competitors", we employ the use of a ground person to keep the house and foliage well rinsed during and after the roof is treated with our proprietary roof cleaning solution. This will ensure that your plants will not die, your house will not be damaged, and no one will be injured during the cleaning process.

Do you really want some inexperienced part time pressure washing contractor falling off your roof while you're at work and then blaming you for his lack of experience and safety?

Don't be a victim of inexperience.

With New Again Roof Cleaning, you can "Experience the Difference, Because the Difference is in the Experience!"

We have received soft wash training as well roof safety training from Ramon Burke, founder of Spray Wash Academy.  We are certified by the UAMCC in Roof Cleaning. We also have membership with the Professional Worldwide Mobile Cleaning Association and along with those we are colleagues with dozens of North America's most experienced and elite roof cleaning specialists.