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#1 Gutter Cleaning Service in Surrey


Gutter Cleaning Season is upon us! And you love cleaning gutters! Right?  But if you don't, call us to do it for you. Our first priority is safety, yours and ours. So we adhere to WorksafeBC regulations at all times.

Why should your gutters be cleaned regularly?

Gutters that are clogged, will not function as they are meant to. Instead they will actually have the opposite effect. Rather than diverting water away from your house, clogged gutters will cause water to seep into your eaves, and eventually cause moisture damage to your attic and drywall, leading to mold and mildew issues, and possibly even foundation cracking if left unchecked. Having your gutters professionally cleaned on a regular basis, will eliminate future problems before they start.


How often should your gutters be cleaned?

If you have a lot of trees you have around your house, your gutters  may need to be cleaned 3 or 4 times per year, however most homes should have gutters cleaned twice per year (in spring and fall) in anticipation of the wet and rainy seasons.


How do we clean your gutters?

Well first, we don't lean ladders against your gutters, causing dents, scratches and warping. We use ladders equipped with ladder stabilizers (or standoffs), which are placed on the roof above the gutter. This ensures the gutters will not be damaged. Ladders, placed directly against gutters, are not safe for the person climbing the ladder either, as the point of contact on the building is not structural and can move very easily. Never place ladders directly against your gutters!

After our ladder is safely and securely placed against the roof, we will then remove all gutter debris. We utilize a few different ways of removing debris.  For dry gutters, we can often vacuum them out, or use a leaf blower to remove the dry debris. For heavy wet gutters, we use a tool specifically designed to clean gutters, called the Gutter Tool. We then remove the debris into a bucket. After all debris has been removed, we can rinse the gutters, if you have chosen that option. When we rinse, we will make sure all downspouts clear and functioning properly, to ensure proper drainage all around the home. This option also includes a 3 month no clog guarantee!

Gutter cleaning is an arduous, dirty and dangerous task. Let us clean your gutters for you.

Ask About our Gutter Maintenance Program. Once your gutters are cleaned to our standards, we’ll keep them clean by coming out twice per year (or however many times you require) in the spring and fall for a set rate. You don't have to call us, we'll call you and let you know when your cleaning will be.  No hassles, no headaches, and no overflowing gutters!


Call us today at 604-999-4502!

Pricing & Options

We pride ourselves in offering a premium Mess Free Gutter Cleaning Service, which includes removal of debris by hand from your gutters and cleaning up of any mess that may accidentally happen.  For the budget conscious we have a blow out option - but this is only available for dry, well maintained gutters that have some leaves in them. We also offer additional services such as flushing gutters, and checking downspouts for clogs.  We offer a 3 month no clog guarantee.

We have a minimum charge of $170 in our immediate service area of North Delta and along the Scott Road corridor in Surrey.

Trip charges will be applied to jobs outside of this area.


Are you tired of having your gutters overflow between cleanings?  All it takes is one leaf, or a piece of trash dropped by a bird, to plug up your downspouts and cause water to build up and over flow.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND installing gutter baskets.  The gutter basket goes over the downspout filter, and prevents clogging.   We highly recommend these for all gutters, to prevent backflow, and to maintain the downspout between cleanings.

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